How to use Visual Studio 2015 with tinylab

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Visual Studio is the IDE developed by Microsoft. It has multiple language support, including C, C++, VB.NET and others. It has also plug-in support. This enables users to write their own plug-ins to support different languages. There is an Arduino plug-in available for us to use with tinylab.

First, we need to have Visual Studio installed. Currently, the Visual Studio Community version is free. You can download it from under Downloads section.


After downloading it, click on the file to begin installation process. Make sure you install Visual Studio C++. The install process takes very long time, so sit back and enjoy a coffee J

After installing Visual Studio, the plug-in needs to be added. Go to and click Download to get the plugin. Double click the file “Visual.Micro.Arduino.Studio.vsix”


After installing the plug-in, open Visual Studio and select Arduino IDE color theme. The plug-in will ask you the locations of Arduino IDE, sketches folder and additional boards location. You can set it up like below:


Click File>New>Project and select Arduino Project under Visual C++ templates.


IMPORTANT! Do not forget to uncheck “Tutorial Mode” under Visual Micro menu. Or you the program will not work correctly.


Select the board type as “Arduino Leonardo”, select the correct COM port and click “Build and Upload”.


Happy coding 🙂

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