How to use Atmel Studio 7 with tinylab

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Atmel Studio is an IDE developed by Atmel for 8-bit and 32-bit AVR MCU’s. It is based on the Visual Studio, so the setup process is pretty much the same as the Visual Studio.

First, you need to download Atmel Studio. The website wants you to register before you begin to download the IDE. Click on the icon shown in the red circle to get to the registration form.


Also, you need to have the Arduino IDE version 1.6.5. Download it from After downloading the Atmel Studio, double-click the exe file to install it. Be patient, it takes a long time to install.

After the Atmel Studio is installed, go to the Arduino IDE for Atmel Studio 7 page and click Download.


After the file is downloaded, double-click the file “Visual.Micro.Atmel.Studio.vsix” to add the plug-in to the Atmel Studio. Now, you need to configure the plug-in for the first time. On the first line, you must enter the path of the Arduino IDE 1.6.5. 

IMPORTANT! Do not forget to uncheck “Tutorial Mode” under Visual Micro menu. Or you the program will not work correctly.


Select the board type as “Arduino Leonardo”, select the correct COM port and you are ready to code.


Happy coding 🙂

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